Warbutons Gluten Free Bread – Falling Apart?

We’ve noticed quite a few people in the blogosphere and Twittersphere this week complaining about Warbutons gluten free bread. Warbutons’ own Facebook page is full of complaints about the slices crumbling and falling to pieces.

Breaking up is not so hard to do. Warbutons gluten free bread

As you know, we went to the Warbutons gluten free launch the other week. And the two loaves we were given to try were delicious.

But the loaf I bought in Asda last week was really dry after two days, the crusts were falling off and the slices were breaking in half. It meant I lost the last third of the loaf. Boo. I put it down to the fact I hadn’t stored the loaf in a cool, dark place like a bread bin; I’d simply left it on the side in my kitchen.

But then Mum picked up a white loaf in Sainsbury’s and as you can see from the picture, the entire loaf fell to pieces as soon as she opened it! I think we rescued two slices from the back of the packet for a bit of toast.

Now, fair play to Warbutons. Mum called them and explained what had happened and they kindly put £5 of vouchers in

Money off vouchers from Warbutons

Money off vouchers from Warbutons

the post the same day. She was also told that Warbutons had received a number of complaints about the slices falling to pieces and were looking into it.

I really hope they do. When you actually get a good slice it’s pretty tasty. Even the white loaf is nutty and flavoursome. But who will pay a premium of £2.69 for small loaf when you’re not guaranteed even one round of sarnies out of it?

Have you tried Warbutons gluten free bread yet? How was it? Let us know in the comments.

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6 Responses to “Warbutons Gluten Free Bread – Falling Apart?”

  1. GoingGF: 9th February 2011 at 3:29pm

    We had exactly the same – my mum bought one and went to give me half of it as soon as she got it back from the shop and it promptly crumbled! It went straight back to Waitrose who refunded and gave us another loaf for free. The second was a bit better but not great. Sticking to Genius for now!

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  3. Stevan Taylor: 9th February 2011 at 4:38pm

    We have just spent months working on a new bread mix that has just undergone tests from our coeliac & non coeliac testers and the feedback has been amazing, a couple of the comments include references to the above brand & to the other very well known GF bread, stating that this cook at home bread is better than both of them. if you would like to try it for yourself please email me your address & i will get a sample sent to you.

  4. John Heron: 21st February 2011 at 5:51pm

    Yes I was quite keen to try Warburtons new GF bread and paid highly for some from Waitrose. It fell apart, mostly the crust lifted, but I toasted the remainder and was impressed by the taste, colour’s a bit odd, I used to be a bread snob before I became a coeliac(4 years)and have not found a seriously good GF bread that comes close to conventional good quality bread(s)nearest I suppose is Juvelas Fresh Fibre, and is great for toasting,, wish they sold the flour they use for that bread! I think what we need is a clever baker who can invent/produce a GF Artisan bread maybe using, wheat starch with teff flour etc………… you must be out there somewhere, ‘ee there’s brass to be made surely……. John Heron

  5. Gluten Free Girl: 21st February 2011 at 5:59pm

    Hi all and thanks for the comments. Well I have to say, the last I loaf I had was totally fine. All of it got eaten -including the crusts! Hopefully any problems Warbutons were having have got sorted out now.

  6. Steph: 21st August 2011 at 8:58am

    The very same happened to me, all the way up in Ayrshire in Scotland… and it’s now August so they need to solve the problem fast! I was only diagnosed with Celiac last week, but I’m glad to read that it’s only one type of bread that’s a little rough around the edges.

    Thanks to your, and all these other awesome blogs, I can tell are going to make this adapting a little easier!


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