Quinoa is so last year. Teff is the new gluten free must-have according to the A-listers

photo of Tobia Teff products

Tobia Teff products

Heard of teff ? Nope, we hadn’t either until recently. But it seems the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow (of course) are already singing its praises.

So what is teff exactly?

Traditionally from Ethiopia, teff is described as Ethiopia’s ‘second gift to the world’ after coffee. It’s a tiny grain (the size of a full stop) but it’s packed full of iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and C. And it’s low in calories too.

And who are Tobia Teff?

Tobia Teff has been distributing the grain in the UK since 2010 and has a range of products including plain and organic flour (both available in brown or white and priced from £4.80 for 1kg), cereals (priced from £4.35), breads including sunflower or raisin (from £4.00 for 1kg), and teff milk (£2.65).

The breads and cereals were runners-up at the Free From Food Awards in 2014, which was a great achievement as it was the first year they’d entered.

We got to try some teff products for ourselves recently and I made some gingerbread biscuits with a recipe that Tobia Teff sent. I have to say they weren’t half bad. They tasted like something you might eat before you go for a run. So a sort of super-healthy super-nutritious biscuit. Yes, I can see why Vicky B loves this stuff.

The milk was a little bit of an acquired taste, I’ll be honest. You’ll probably like it if you like soya milk. And the cereal was pretty good. Ideal to mix with fresh or dried fruit for a nutritious breakfast and perfect for adding to soup or stews as a thickener. So all in all a good product to have in your cupboard.

Tobia Teff products are available through Planet Organic, Goodness Foods and other health food shops, as well as by mail order through the website.

To find out more visit www.tobiateff.co.uk or follow Tobia Teff on Twitter.

Tobia Teff ginger biscuits

Tobia Teff ginger biscuits – stop laughing!

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