Crunchy Cheese & Onion Potato Bites from Mrs Crimble’s

Ever since we first got our chops round a Mrs Crimble’s macaroon we’ve always been a fan of this gluten free brand. So we were looking forward to trying their new mature cheese and onion oven baked potato bites.

And they were delish. Light and crunchy but substantial too. And because they’re oven baked and not fried they’re only 90 calories a bag. So all in all a perfect on-the-go or lunch box snack, or a tangy accompaniment to a cheeky G&T in the evening.

Mrs Crimble’s potato bites are priced from £1.89 for a bag of four and you can currently find them in the Co-Op or on the Mrs Crimble’s website.

photo of Mrs Crimble's potato bites

Mrs Crimble’s Cheese & Onion Potato Bites

Gluten Free Grocery Stores: What local supermarkets sell gluten free foods?

It wasn’t long ago that the only gluten free foods available were from health food stores. And they weren’t cheap either. These days though, the big chain grocery stores all have their own gluten free products. And there are now whole aisles in our local supermarkets dedicated to food that’s gluten free.

Grocery stores such as Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco all have their own ‘Free From’ ranges, as well as carrying other gluten free brands. Definitely worth checking out are Sainsbury’s gluten free muffins: they’re moist and sweet and taste like the real thing. And with Christmas coming up fast, it’s worth stocking up on Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas pudding and gluten free mince pies. These come highly recommended. Delicious!

Tesco’s is another grocery store with their own ‘Free From’ range. Some of our favourites include the gluten free double chocolate cake. As well as cupboard staples like gluten free brown bread and gluten free pitta bread.

Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Chocolate Macaroons

Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free Chocolate Macaroons

Another grocery store with a gluten free range is Asda. We particularly like Asda’s gluten free penne pasta and spirals pasta. These both cook really well and don’t disintegrate into a wallpaper paste consistency like some gluten free pastas.

All the high street grocery stores carry other gluten free brands such as Glutano, Kelkin, Tru Free, Orgran, and Juvela. Don’t forget to try Mrs Crimble as well, now available in most of the major supermarkets. The gluten free chocolate macaroons are amazing. But will you be able to stop at one?

What grocery stores stock your favourite gluten free products? Let us know.