Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Sarnies – too expensive?

M&S Gluten Free Sarnie

M&S Gluten Free Sarnie

Bought these gluten free sandwiches in M&S at the weekend. Pretty tasty – although the bread fell to pieces a bit. But at £3.75 I think this is too expensive for a sarnie.

As I mentioned in the post on Warbutons gluten free bread the other week, I think we’re getting charged too much for gluten free products. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

This is not just gluten free cake: It’s M&S gluten free cake

Marks & Spencer has got a new range of gluten free breads and cakes. It seems they’re not available in every store, but we hope that’s just a temporary glitch and we’ll see all these gluten free goodies in all branches of M&S soon.

I recently tried the Orange & Polenta Loaf Cake which is made with – as you may imagine – polenta, orange juice and sweet almonds. The cake was buttery and sweet without being sugary, although I did think it was a tiny bit dry. My Father, who is also a coeliac, disagreed and loved it.

The Orange & Polenta Loaf Cake costs £2.29. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.