And there goes the diet. Gluten Free Chocolates from Ye Olde Friars of Keswick

The decorations are down. The tree has gone out for recycling. And the diet has started. That’s it. No more mince pies or chocolates here for us at The Towers.

Oh wait what’s this? A lovely parcel from Ye Olde Friars of Keswick? Well, it would be rude not to try just one or two of their delicious handmade gluten free chocs, wouldn’t it?

Ye Olde Friars of Keswick is, as the name suggests, based in Keswick. And since 1927, they’ve been selling locally produced handmade chocolates and confectionery to the locals and tourists that flock to this pretty Cumbrian market town.

More recently they’ve added gluten free chocolates and confectionery to their range. And the Gluten Free Blog team were more than happy to give them a try.

We tried the honey flavoured milk buttons first. They reminded me of something you might find in Diagon Alley. And they were delicious. I thought they tasted more like liquorice rather than honey but maybe that’s just me.

Next up were the novelty chocolate toolkit and the truffles. Now these were amazing. Phil thought the toolkit was “some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted”. Whilst the gluten free truffles got a resounding “11 out of 10”. Oooh. My mouth is watering just thinking about those truffles.

We also munched our way through a box of handmade gluten free milk, white and dark chocolate selection. Again, delicious and creamy. And this week we finally got round to trying out the handmade fudge, which came wrapped in wax paper in a lovely gift box. This was literally melt-in-your-mouth stuff.

You’ll be pleased to know that via the website, Ye Olde Friars offers an overnight delivery service for a small fee of £4.95. So if you’re looking for a gluten free chocolate gift for a friend or family member, this is a good place to go.