Phil Vickery: Coeliac UK Food Ambassador

Phil Vickery

Phil Vickery

UK chef Phil Vickery has been appointed Food Ambassador for Coeliac UK.

Phil Vickery has been involved with Coeliac UK for a few years now helping to promote awareness of coeliac disease and trying to get catering establishments to offer gluten free options on their menus. Last year Phil wrote a book in association with Coeliac UK called Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Cooking (read our review). The book has sold over 70,000 copies!

Phil said: “I am very honoured to accept the role as Coeliac UK’s Food Ambassador and to continue to support the work of the Charity. I’m passionate about improving knowledge in the food industry and the necessity for more gluten free cooking as more and more people are diagnosed. Since embarking on the cookbook I have learnt so much and it is essential that chefs understand the importance of having gluten free recipes. I am therefore delighted to be judging this year’s competition and urge chefs of all experience to enter.”

Phil’s role also includes judging the Gluten-Free Chef of the Year competition. Last year’s competition was judged by Raymond Blanc. The competition, in association with the Institute of Hospitality and the Craft Guild of Chefs, is open to professional chefs over the age of 23. There is a separate award, Up and Coming Gluten-free Chef of the Year, for catering college students and trainee chefs under 23. All entrants have to design recipes for a three course gluten free menu.  If shortlisted they are then required to recreate the menu for four people in a 90 minute live cook off.

Entries must be received by Friday 15 October 2010 with the cook off starting week commencing 8 November 2010.

We will let you know the winner later in the year.

Raymond Blanc presents this year’s Gluten Free Chef of the Year award

Raymond Blanc presents Gluten Free Chef of the Year award 2009

Raymond Blanc presents Gluten Free Chef of the Year award 2009

World renowned chef Raymond Blanc was on hand this week to present Peter McKenzie of South Lanarkshire Council with 2009’s Gluten Free Chef of the Year award.

Designed to raise awareness of gluten intolerance and to highlight the need for gluten free menu options, the competition, run by Coeliac UK, awards Gluten free Chef of the Year for professional chefs and Gluten free Chef of the Year for catering students.

The competition included a three course meal, which had to be prepared using seasonal gluten free ingredients, and have a balance of flavours across the courses.

The winner, Peter McKenzie impressed the judges with his beautifully cooked and presented breast of pheasant with wild mushroom polenta. See Peter’s full gluten free menu below.

Pan seared fillet of red mullet

Pan seared fillet of red mullet

Pan seared fillet of red mullet nestling on a chick pea gateau, topped with a plum tomato achar with fresh oysters and a horseradish cappuccino

Main Course
Breast of pheasant, wild mushroom polenta, with seasoned savoy cabbage, oven roasted shallots and baby beets with a marsala jus

Vanilla and basil panacotta with balsamic roasted strawberries with strands of golden sugar

He wins a one week placement at Gleneagles with twice Michelin Star chef, Andrew Fairlie.

Raymond Blanc judged the entries and commented “I was really impressed by the quality and attention to detail displayed in the entries for this competition and congratulations to all the winners!”

He added “although more common than many people realise, gluten intolerance is not taken seriously enough by far too many chefs. We all need a few really good gluten free recipes in our repertoire and I hope that more restaurateurs will understand the importance of, and gain an aptitude for, having tasty, interesting gluten free options on their menus.”

Chief Executive of Coeliac UK, Sarah Sleet, said “we are really grateful to Raymond Blanc for all his support and for highlighting the needs of people on a gluten free diet. He is showing the way for others in the catering industry by providing added choice and piece of mind for people with coeliac disease when dining out.”

See all the winning recipes on the Coeliac UK website.