Slim Fruits: Gluten-free, guilt-free, great tasting

Slim Fruits

Slim Fruits are free from gluten, wheat, sugar, fat, carbohydrate, and dairy

So we have a new favourite thing in the office to beat those pre lunch or mid afternoon munchies.

From the land that brought us Vegemite, Ugg Boots and Kylie Minogue, we now have Slim Fruits, which are free from gluten, wheat, sugar, fat, carbohydrate, and dairy and only use only natural flavours and colours.

These best-selling sugar-free sweets are the world’s first confectionery product to ‘harness the satiety-giving properties of soluble dietary fibre’ says the news release. In other words, once you’ve scoffed them they combine with water to make you feel full and stop you reaching for the (gluten free) biscuit tin. No wonder they’re a favourite with dieters.

Each 24g pack of sweets contains a whopping 10g of bioactive soluble dietary fibre from the gum of the Acacia Tree; an ingredient that’s been used for thousands of years especially in Middle Eastern food. That’s the same amount of fibre found in six slices of wholemeal bread or 100g of dried haricot beans and no carbohydrates or fat. And, they’re only two calories per sweet too. Brilliant.

What are they like? Well the flavours are fruity and delicious: Rhubarb & Strawberry and Peach Melba. And they’re like a regular fruit pastille, so you suck for a bit and then you give in and have to chew. But be warned: they’re really moreish and they’re high in fibre…well, you do the math.

Slim Fruits are priced at £1.89 per pack from Boots stores nationwide. For more information check them out on Facebook.

Slim Fruits

Slim Fruits come in Rhubarb & Strawberry and Peach Melba flavours

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