Rossopomodoro Restaurant Review – Gluten Free with a Taste of Naples

photo of the gluten free pizza

Rossopomodoro Verace Gluten Free Pizza

Have you noticed that a lot of the chains like Prezzo and Pizza Express are doing gluten free pizzas these days? And most of the time they’re not bad.

But if you want a gluten free pizza that has a real taste of Naples about it I can highly recommend checking out Rossopomodoro. There are currently six Rossopomodoro restaurants in London – we went to the one in Wandsworth – and one in Birmingham but hopefully more will be coming soon.

Too clarify, Rossopomodoro state that they offer pizzas that have no gluten free containing ingredients (NGCI) although they can’t absolutely guarantee 100% that it’s a flour free environment. But it looks like the team work really hard to ensure the risk is kept to an absolute minimum. Find out more about their gluten free credentials here. And I have to say the staff were really well informed.

photo of mozzarella, tomato and basil

Buffalo Mozzarella with slices of fresh tomato and basil

Anyway, the food. Do not visit if you’re on a low calorie diet. Everything is topped with a swirl of olive oil. But it’s proper Neapolitan olive oil that tastes absolutely delicious. So to start we shared a buffalo Mozzarella (shipped in from Sorrento) that came with slices of fresh tomato and basil and the obligatory oil. Now this was really something. The Mozzarella was beautiful. Creamy but light. Delish.

Then I followed it up with a Verace pizza: fresh tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella (yes, more) and fresh basil. Simple, classic and very Naples. And yes, I ate all of it and didn’t even entertain the idea of saving half for the following day. How about the gluten free base? Loved it. It was doughy and soft like a GF bread rather than a GF pitta and a lovely texture. And nearly all the pizzas on the menu can made as a gluten free version.

So bearing in mind it’s a pizza and pasta chain, how comes the food at Rossopomodoro tastes so authentic? Turns out all the all the chefs are Neapolitan and the ingredients are sourced form the Naples region. And Rossopomodoro only employ pizzaioli (pizza chefs) who come from pizzaioli families, and only cook in traditional wood burning ovens. And it shows too because the pizzas are extremely good.

Want an authentic gluten free pizza in London? Head on over to Rossopomodoro.

At the time of writing they have London restaurants in Camden, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Hoxton, Notting Hill & Wandsworth.

P.S. Sorry about the photos. It was a bit dark in there and I didn’t have my proper camera.

photo of Rossopomodoro in Wandsworth

Rossopomodoro Restaurant in Wandsworth

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  1. Madame Free-From: 23rd March 2014 at 10:08pm

    How have I not heard of this place yet? And with a location just down the road from me! Thank you for posting this, I know just where to hint for my next restaurant outing…

  2. Gluten Free Guy: 24th March 2014 at 7:04am

    Great Anita! Glad it was helpful for you. Good luck with the next dinner date.

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