Why We Love Oloves Marinated Olives

I don’t know about you but I hate being out and about and struck down with the munchies. Most newsagents don’t have much in the way of healthy, low calorie vegetarian, gluten free options. Often I’ll stick a couple of rice cakes in my bag to ward off hunger pangs although – let’s be honest – some are like cardboard.

Oloves Marinated Olives

So we were chuffed when the nice people at Oloves sent us some of their olive packs to try.

Oloves marinated olives come in 4 flavours

Oloves Marinated Olives Flavours

Oloves olives are the perfect snack and come in four flavours that get the tastebuds zinging: Lemon and Rosemary; Chilli and Oregano; Chilli and Garlic; and Basil and Garlic. And what’s more they’re only 50 calories a pouch – so a nice lo cal option.

Our favourite are the basil and garlic flavour. Now all we need is a gin and tonic to go with them.

Where to buy Oloves marinated olives

Oloves marinated olives are sold in 14 countries at present including the US. In the UK Oloves can be found in Holland and Barrett for 99p a pouch. But hopefully they’ll be in our local supermarkets at some point.

Check out the Oloves website for the latest information.

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