We love our Nakd Bits!

photo of our Nakd Bits

Cocoa Delight and Berry Delight Nakd Bits

We’ve always enjoyed Nakd bars at Gluten Free Towers. They’re made from 100% natural ingredients such as nuts and fruit and have no added rubbishy stuff like syrup and sugar. And of course they’re wheat, dairy and gluten free. They’re the perfect lunch box or on-the-go snack bar.

So when the chaps at Natural Balance Foods sent us some bags of Nakd Bits we were more than willing to give them a go. (And thanks for the nice mug too!)

Like the bars, the Bits are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in scrumptious flavours like Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight and Cocoa Delight. We tried the Berry Delight made with dates, cashews, raisins, raspberries and natural berry flavour, and the Cocoa Delight made with dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and natural chocolate flavour. And that’s it. Nothing else is included.

Both flavours are substantial and tasty, with a lovely texture. And you can’t help but feel a bit virtuous when you try these as they’re so blooming healthy. The best bit (and the worst bit) is that as they’re in a bag so you can share them round the office. With the Cocoa ones especially it was like dibbing into a bag of chocolates – without the guilt!

The good news? You can buy Nakd bars and bits from just about everywhere.

For more information visit the Nakd website. And you can follow Nakd on Twitter at @nakd.

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