Crunchy Cheese & Onion Potato Bites from Mrs Crimble’s

Ever since we first got our chops round a Mrs Crimble’s macaroon we’ve always been a fan of this gluten free brand. So we were looking forward to trying their new mature cheese and onion oven baked potato bites.

And they were delish. Light and crunchy but substantial too. And because they’re oven baked and not fried they’re only 90 calories a bag. So all in all a perfect on-the-go or lunch box snack, or a tangy accompaniment to a cheeky G&T in the evening.

Mrs Crimble’s potato bites are priced from £1.89 for a bag of four and you can currently find them in the Co-Op or on the Mrs Crimble’s website.

photo of Mrs Crimble's potato bites

Mrs Crimble’s Cheese & Onion Potato Bites

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