Get flipping with Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix

Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Pancakes

Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free Pancakes

It will soon be Shrove Tuesday, which can mean only one thing: The beginning of Lent? Nope. Pancake Day! And just because you’re a coeliac doesn’t mean you should miss out all that sugary-lemony loveliness.

Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix has made the whole pancake malarkey as easy as possible. Just add water and milk, whisk and pour into a hot frying pan.

Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix

Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix

I was a little over zealous with my pouring so it came out a little thicker than is ideal. But once it was covered in chocolate, who cares? And of course, as with all things Mrs Crimble it tasted just like the ‘real’ thing.

Your pancakes don’t have to be sweet of course. You can serve them with savoury fillings. And you can serve them all year round too. So if you’re buying a packet for Shrove Tuesday, buy two and store in your larder for later.

You can buy Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix in Sainsbury’s for £2 a packet. Or via the Mrs Crimble’s website.

Gluten free pancake photo

Gluten free pancake made by a proper cook (my mum)

Gluten free pancake photo

Mum’s look much better than mine!

Mrs Crimble’s Home Bake Pancake Mix

Mrs Crimble’s Home Bake Pancake Mix

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  1. Wanda Lewis: 17th July 2015 at 8:12pm

    i used your pancake mix which I bought from Sainsbury the quays Gloucester.and enjoyed it very much so I was very disappointed to go there today purposely (which was a 50mile round trip) to find they did not have it on their shelves and was told it may only be stocked about pancake day is this true? Or can I purchase it elsewhere, living out in the country we are not privileged to big stores . I would also like the pastry and sponge mix as I am also dairy free as well as gluten free.


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