Bueno Gluten Free Tapas at La Tasca

photo of the gluten free tapas at La Tasca

Gluten free tapas at La Tasca

I’ve been to La Tasca in Kingston a number of times, and always found a few dishes I can eat. But in the last few months their menu has had a bit of an overhaul courtesy of their in-house executive chef Antonio Bennett, and it’s now even more gluten-free-friendly, with an additional 18 authentic gluten free tapas dishes being added to the menu.

Wow! This needed checking out. So this week, on a mild autumn evening we found ourselves sitting by the riverside at Kingston, sipping sangria and sampling the delights of the new gluten free menu at La Tasca.

What did we have? To start we chose the gluten free flat bread served with delicious olive oil and a side of olives. The bread was very good although it would be even nicer if it were a little warmed through. We suggested this to the manager Alfonso (who was super friendly and really knowledgeable about gluten free stuff) and he said he’d give customers the option in future.

photo of the olives and gluten free flat bread at La Tasca

The olives and gluten free flat bread at La Tasca

Next up, we tucked into our tapas dishes, which were all superb, and included butterfly king prawns, sautéed in a chilli-&-garlic infused oil; chorizo and black beans cooked in white wine; rioja – mushrooms in garlic butter and wine; tortilla Española; and a vegetable gratin which consisted of creamy potatoes, spinach and blue cheese. This was a personal favourite I have to say. And all of these were gluten free tapas.

photo of the gluten free tapas at La Tasca

A selection of gluten free tapas at La Tasca

What’s more La Tasca even do a special gluten-free selection for two to share for £26.65. Great value. I’m pleased to say their gluten-free commitment has earned them accreditation from the Coeliac Society and a ‘Best Gluten Free Menu’ award from Healthy Eating, Eating Out Awards. And well deserved it is too.

photo of the Coeliac UK accredited La Tasca menu

The Coeliac UK accredited La Tasca menu

So after our feast, did we have room for pudding? No, not really. Did we have some anyway? Sure did. Because there were so many gluten free options on the dessert menu it would have been rude not to try them. How about chocolate fondant, or lemon and lime crumble tart or chocolate and toffee tart? Or how about Spanish style gelato or two scoops of sorbet? In the end I chose the lemon and lime tart which had a beautiful moist pastry and a tangy, sharp filling.

photo of the gluten free desserts at La Tasca

The gluten free desserts we had at La Tasca

So that would be my tip: don’t overdo it on the tapas, so you have room for pudding.

What I like about La Tasca is that despite being a chain it has a brilliantly authentic feel about it. The last time I had tapas this good I was in Barcelona. There are La Tascas all over the country too, so hopefully you can find one nearby.

Good atmosphere, excellent service and a superb choice of gluten-free tapas. What more can you ask for?

Have you tried the gluten free tapas at La Tasca? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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