Gluten Free Italian Products: Enjoy an authentic taste of Italy that’s free from gluten

photo of the Free From Italy hamper

Our Free From Italy hamper

Just before Christmas, our friends at Free From Italy sent us a gorgeous hamper, which we’ve been gradually working our way through in the last couple of months.

Free From Italy is committed to sourcing the best gluten free Italian products and making them available to a UK market. And when it comes to pasta, who better to trust to get it right than the Italians?

I’ve been a diagnosed coeliac since 1992. Back then gluten free pasta was really hit and miss. It was either hard and undercooked. Or soggy like wallpaper paste and completely tasteless.

These days gluten free pasta is much improved. And it doesn’t come better than award-winning La Buona Vita pasta, which is made with corn and rice varieties that have been grown especially for the brand. It’s what gives the pasta its light golden yellow colour and the clean taste you would expect from normal pasta. It cooks exactly like normal pasta too, so there’s none of that gloopy gloopiness you get with some GF pastas. All La Buona Vita pasta is free from gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy and soya and non GMO.

photo of our gluten free pasta dish

La Buona Vita gluten free pasta

We tried the spaghetti and fusilli and the way it cooks and the way it tastes was superb. Even the gluten eating other half thought it was the best spaghetti he’d eaten.

We also tried the pesto sauce and pasta sauce from Le Conserve della Nonna which are dairy, nut, soy and egg free, and organic. The arrabiata sauce had a delicious, fresh taste. But it was the pesto sauce that was the stand out for me. Made with fresh basil and pine nuts this is probably the best pesto I’ve tasted. Which is probably why we finished the jar this week. Boo.

photo of the pesto and pasta dish

Le Conserve della Nonna pesto with gluten free pasta

So where can you buy the authentic taste of Italy? La Buona Vita pasta is available from Ocado, Amazon and good health food stores retailing at £2.00 per pack.

Le Conserve della Nonna pesto sauce is available at Asda and good health food stores for £2.00 a jar. And the arrabiata sauce is available in good health stores for £2.00 a jar.

As for the gluten free Bob the Builder pasta. That was tested on a fussy three year old. And the verdict? Amaaaaazing!

photo of the jar of pesto

A jar of Le Conserve della Nonna green pesto

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