Oh my Darling, oh my Darling, oh my Darling Crisps and Corn

bags of Darling Spuds and Darling Corn

Darling Spuds and Darling Corn

Ok, we admit it. We’re suckers when it comes to cool branding and packaging. So we loved these bags of crunchy handcooked crisps and gourmet popcorn that the chaps at Darling sent us to try.

Turns out the brains behind Darling are the same team that bought us Salty Dog crisps: Judy and Dave Willis. Judy wanted to create a more wholesome, natural snack and Darling Spuds was born. They’re suitable for vegetarians, have no GMOS, they only have natural ingredients, they’re 20% lower in fat than normal crisps aaaaaand (drumroll) they’re gluten free.

Flavours include Crushed Natural Salt; West Country Cheddar, Leek and Peppercorns; Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar;Sun Ripened Tomato, Green Olive and Oregano; and Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli – my personal favourite. Absolutely mouth-watering.

We also tried their gourmet popcorn in Sweet and Salty flavour, which gets around the age old problem of which type of popcorn to choose – sweet or salty? Turns out you can have both in the same bag. Loved these. And popcorn is that perfect mid afternoon snack.

40g packs of Darling Spuds crisps are available in Superdrug. And you can find the big 140g packs as well as the popcorn in selected Tesco stores. Or you can buy Darling Spuds and Salty Dog brands online at Chiltern Snacks.

Find out more about Darling on their website, www.hellodarlings.co.uk, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Are you a sucker for some cool branding?

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