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Quinoa is so last year. Teff is the new gluten free must-have according to the A-listers

photo of Tobia Teff products

Tobia Teff products

Heard of teff ? Nope, we hadn’t either until recently. But it seems the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow (of course) are already singing its praises.

So what is teff exactly?

Traditionally from Ethiopia, teff is described as Ethiopia’s ‘second gift to the world’ after coffee. It’s a tiny grain (the size of a full stop) but it’s packed full of iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and C. And it’s low in calories too. Read the rest of this entry »

Kent & Fraser: Putting the ‘It’ in Gluten Free Biscuit

photo of Kent & Fraser Biscuits

Kent & Fraser Biscuits

Back in 2011 at the Allergy & Gluten Free show I chatted to the team from Kent & Fraser, makers of artisan wheat free and gluten free cookies, biscuits and shortbreads. They’d only been going a couple of years then and I loved the packaging, and I LOVED the Stilton and Walnut savoury biscuit.

I’m pleased to say Kent & Fraser are still going strong and are now available at Waitrose, Harrods, Selfridges and Ocado as well as independent delicatessens. Last week the gang at Kent and Fraser were kind enough to send us a couple of boxes: Stilton and Walnut (hooray) made with English Stilton, chopped walnuts and fresh herbs. And Chocolate Butter Crunch made with bitter premium dark cocoa. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s be Frank: Here’s a snack bar with all the right ingredients

Frank Bars

Frank Bars

‘Would you like to try some of tasty snack bars?’ said the nice people at Yorkshire based The Frank Food Company. Little did we know they were going to send us a whole box! But during a really busy week in the studio, these were the perfect mid afternoon pick me ups.

Here’s what’s good about Frank bars: They’re low-calorie, high-protein and taste delicious. So they’re perfect to stick in your drawer in the office, in your gym bag or in your lunch box.

Made with gluten-free oats, dark chocolate and 100% natural food flavours including dates, plums and a variety of other fruits, Frank bars are also dairy, nut and seed-free and contain no added salt or sugar. Read the rest of this entry »

Celia & Clive: A gluten free match made in heaven

CELIA & Clive at Vozars

CELIA & Clive at Vozars

I know we’ve talked about CELIA gluten free lager on this blog before. If you haven’t tried it yet, where have you been? It’s the only brewery in the world that uses saaz hops, a protected variety. And it has an amazing clean and refreshing flavour with a subtle sweet taste at the end. The other half is a big craft beer lover. And he’s a big fan of CELIA. And it’s not just him. CELIA picked up the award for best gluten free beer at 2013’s Free From Awards. Not bad considering it only launched last year!

CELIA lager is also fantastic with food. So when we heard that CELIA had joined with Clive handmade pies for a one night stand at Vozars in Brixton, we hot footed it to one of our favourite gluten free restaurants in south London.

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Seabrook Gluten Free Crisps – Back by popular demand

Seabrook Gluten Free Crisps

Seabrook Gluten Free Crisps

Seabrook have been lovingly making crisps in sunny Yorkshire since 1945. And unsurprising they really know what they’re doing.

Seabrook are well known for their famous crinkle cut crisps. In fact, they were the first brand to launch crinkle cut crisps in the UK back in the 1950s. But their straight cut crisps disappeared from our shelves in the early noughties. Well, good news. They’re back by popular demand (via social media), and this week we got to try their lovely gluten free crunchiness. Read the rest of this entry »