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Rizopia gluten free pasta now available on prescription

Rizopia Gluten Free Pasta

Rizopia Gluten Free Pasta made with Brown Rice

Now I don’t know about you but I always get nervous around brown gluten free pasta. It looks like that stuff in the old days that used to disintegrate into something resembling wallpaper paste the moment it got a sniff of a boiling pan of water.

Well, forget all that. Rizopia gluten free pasta made from organic brown rice and water cooks like a dream. Exactly like the ‘real thing’ in fact. And it feels substantial. So even if you have a small amount there’s a ‘meatiness’ to it that’s filling. Even better, it has a wonderful flavour. Almost nutty. No wonder it’s an award-winner at the Fresh From Food Awards. And as well as being gluten and wheat free it’s egg, milk, corn and nut free too. Read the rest of this entry »

For all you cookie monsters: Mrs Crimble’s launches two gluten free oat cookies

Mrs Crimble's Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie

Mrs Crimble’s Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie

Mrs Crimble’s has always been one of our favourite brands at Gluten Free Towers, and we’re always happy to try any new products they send our way.

The latest additions to the range include a Cranberry and Almond Oat Cookie and a Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie (and how delicious does that sound?). Read the rest of this entry »

Cook up some gluten free magic with Delicious Alchemy

Regular readers of this blog will know we’re suckers for super cool packaging and ready made bags of stuff that you just empty into a bowl and create something scrummy. So –  drum roll – we can highly recommend Delicious Alchemy the Yorkshire based gluten free brand that’s recently had a bit of a makeover (and doesn’t it look fantastic?).

photo of Delicious Alchemy products

Delicious Alchemy Oats, White Bread Mix and Vanilla Sponge Mix

Founded eight years ago by coeliac sufferer Emma Killilea the company has gone from strength to strength and has recently added a bunch of new products. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh my Darling, oh my Darling, oh my Darling Crisps and Corn

bags of Darling Spuds and Darling Corn

Darling Spuds and Darling Corn

Ok, we admit it. We’re suckers when it comes to cool branding and packaging. So we loved these bags of crunchy handcooked crisps and gourmet popcorn that the chaps at Darling sent us to try.

Turns out the brains behind Darling are the same team that bought us Salty Dog crisps: Judy and Dave Willis. Judy wanted to create a more wholesome, natural snack and Darling Spuds was born. They’re suitable for vegetarians, have no GMOS, they only have natural ingredients, they’re 20% lower in fat than normal crisps aaaaaand (drumroll) they’re gluten free. Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoy a Gluten Free Curry with Vini and Bal

Vini & Bal's gluten free curry sauces

Vini & Bal’s gluten free curry sauces

There’s nothing quite like a curry on a Friday night to cheer you up after a long hard week at work. So this week we’ve been cooking up a storm with Vini & Bal’s gluten free curry sauces.

You may have heard of Vini and Bal Auja. They were the first British Asian couple to secure investment on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, and received a £50,000 investment from Dragon Piers Linney. As a result, Vini and Bal secured distribution to Sainsbury’s, and their products are now available in 300 stores across the UK. Read the rest of this entry »