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Warbutons Gluten Free Bread – Falling Apart?

We’ve noticed quite a few people in the blogosphere and Twittersphere this week complaining about Warbutons gluten free bread. Warbutons’ own Facebook page is full of complaints about the slices crumbling and falling to pieces.

Breaking up is not so hard to do. Warbutons gluten free bread

As you know, we went to the Warbutons gluten free launch the other week. And the two loaves we were given to try were delicious.

But the loaf I bought in Asda last week was really dry after two days, the crusts were falling off and the slices were breaking in half. It meant I lost the last third of the loaf. Boo. I put it down to the fact I hadn’t stored the loaf in a cool, dark place like a bread bin; I’d simply left it on the side in my kitchen.

But then Mum picked up a white loaf in Sainsbury’s and as you can see from the picture, the entire loaf fell to pieces as soon as she opened it! I think we rescued two slices from the back of the packet for a bit of toast.

Now, fair play to Warbutons. Mum called them and explained what had happened and they kindly put £5 of vouchers in

Money off vouchers from Warbutons

Money off vouchers from Warbutons

the post the same day. She was also told that Warbutons had received a number of complaints about the slices falling to pieces and were looking into it.

I really hope they do. When you actually get a good slice it’s pretty tasty. Even the white loaf is nutty and flavoursome. But who will pay a premium of £2.69 for small loaf when you’re not guaranteed even one round of sarnies out of it?

Have you tried Warbutons gluten free bread yet? How was it? Let us know in the comments.

Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Sarnies – too expensive?

M&S Gluten Free Sarnie

M&S Gluten Free Sarnie

Bought these gluten free sandwiches in M&S at the weekend. Pretty tasty – although the bread fell to pieces a bit. But at £3.75 I think this is too expensive for a sarnie.

As I mentioned in the post on Warbutons gluten free bread the other week, I think we’re getting charged too much for gluten free products. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Everything you’d expect from Warbutons bread – without the gluten or wheat

Hot on the heels of Genius, Warbutons, the UK’s leading independent baker, have launched their own gluten free bread. And Gluten Free Blog was lucky enough to be invited along to the recent launch breakfast, at London’s Covent Garden Hotel, hosted by the celebrity chef and gluten free expert Phil Vickery.

Warbutons Gluten Free range

What did we eat? Well, it was an early start. So we tucked into tiny slices of toast topped with salmon and egg, bacon butties, sausage sarnies and toasted teacakes. And, as you’d expect, it was all quite delicious.

Warbutons decided to build their first gluten free and wheat free bakery in March 2010, in response to customers’ requests for a tasty, gluten free range. “We’ve thrown ourselves into this project with the same passion and care we show for all our products” says Jonathan Warbuton, Chairman of the family-run company. “The whole team is really pleased with the results and it’s our hope that you will be too!”

Phil Vickery is working with Warbutons to launch the new range and as you know, we’re fans of Mr V here at Gluten Free Blog. So it was great to meet the man himself and talk all things gluten free cooking. We also chatted about salad cream and crisp sandwiches, which both of us used to enjoy as kids!

Our goodie bag included Phil’s latest book, Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Baking, which we can’t wait to tuck into. And our bag also had a white loaf, brown loaf and a packet of tea cakes which were tested on the guys as soon as we got back to the office. And all got a thumbs-up.

Warbutons Gluten Free Bread

Warbutons Gluten Free Bread

So what’s in the Warbutons gluten free range? So far sliced white and sliced brown in 400g and 600g sizes; sub rolls in white and brown; crumpets; and fruity teacakes which are all available in all UK grocery stores.

One of the gripes, I guess, is the price. The 600g loaf retails at £2.89, the sub rolls at £1.99 and the crumpets and teacakes at £2.19. At the time of writing the small loaf (400g) is on special offer in Asda for £2 although it normally retails for £2.49. And yet the same size loaf of ‘normal’ Warburtons bread costs a measly 67p. Hmmmmm. If Warbutons really want those with coeliac disease not to “miss out on this tasty daily staple” we’d really like to see their prices come down a bit.

Read the follow up post here. Warbutons gluten free bread – falling apart?

And there goes the diet. Gluten Free Chocolates from Ye Olde Friars of Keswick

The decorations are down. The tree has gone out for recycling. And the diet has started. That’s it. No more mince pies or chocolates here for us at The Towers.

Oh wait what’s this? A lovely parcel from Ye Olde Friars of Keswick? Well, it would be rude not to try just one or two of their delicious handmade gluten free chocs, wouldn’t it?

Ye Olde Friars of Keswick is, as the name suggests, based in Keswick. And since 1927, they’ve been selling locally produced handmade chocolates and confectionery to the locals and tourists that flock to this pretty Cumbrian market town.

More recently they’ve added gluten free chocolates and confectionery to their range. And the Gluten Free Blog team were more than happy to give them a try.

We tried the honey flavoured milk buttons first. They reminded me of something you might find in Diagon Alley. And they were delicious. I thought they tasted more like liquorice rather than honey but maybe that’s just me.

Next up were the novelty chocolate toolkit and the truffles. Now these were amazing. Phil thought the toolkit was “some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted”. Whilst the gluten free truffles got a resounding “11 out of 10”. Oooh. My mouth is watering just thinking about those truffles.

We also munched our way through a box of handmade gluten free milk, white and dark chocolate selection. Again, delicious and creamy. And this week we finally got round to trying out the handmade fudge, which came wrapped in wax paper in a lovely gift box. This was literally melt-in-your-mouth stuff.

You’ll be pleased to know that via the website, Ye Olde Friars offers an overnight delivery service for a small fee of £4.95. So if you’re looking for a gluten free chocolate gift for a friend or family member, this is a good place to go.

Yum yum. Gluten free Christmas cup cakes which are Especially Delicious

Gluten Free Christmas Cupcakes

Especially Delicious Gluten Free Christmas Cupcakes

Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner. And there’s no better way to celebrate it than with gorgeous gluten free Christmas cakes from the aptly named Especially Delicious.

The company was started by Sarah Jones, a keen baker since childhood. When she was told to start following a gluten free diet she set about creating her own gluten free goodies.

Her cakes were so delicious her friends and family couldn’t tell the difference between gluten free and ‘real’ cakes. And so with their encouragement Sarah started Especially Delicious in 2004, specialising in fabulous celebration cakes.

photo of Especially Delicious cupcakes

Especially Delicious Gluten Free Christmas Cupcakes

She’s based in south west London but can deliver nationwide. And Especially Delicious makes luxury gluten free celebration cakes for all occasions – not just for Christmas!

We think a box of gluten free cup cakes makes an amazing holiday gift.

Christmas cakes start from £39.95 and cupcakes start from £12.95 for 6.

For more information vist the Especially Delicious website, become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Order your gluten free Christmas cup cakes now and call Sarah on 020 8944 0373.