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Gluten Free Me iPad App

This is an article from Laura Pope who has created this free ‘gluten-free’ iPad app.

Gluten Free iPad App screenshot

The idea for my gluten free iPad app, Gluten Free Me, came from my years working as a private chef. Over time, I’ve cooked for many people who absolutely love food but are limited in what they can eat due to food intolerances, allergies or health issues, especially related to gluten.

I know how hard it can be to find utterly delicious food that you are able to eat; this app is my answer to that problem.

Gluten Free Me iPad app features

Gluten Free Me contains 32 of my favourite gluten-free recipes (many of them are also dairy-free and sugar-free), with beautiful photography to illustrate each one. The app is free to download and contains five albums: one has eight free recipes and there are four more albums at £2.99 for six recipes each: Starters & Soups, Mains, Sides & Salads and Desserts & Sweet Things. Read the rest of this entry »

Gluten Free Recipes App for the iPhone & iPad

Janak Shah has created a gluten free recipes app for his dad. This is his story.

screenshot from the Gluten Free Recipes App

Gluten Free Recipes App

Growing up in a household that loves food, it’s tough to see someone close to you not being able to eat the things you love. That’s what it’s been like for me since childhood. My dad was diagnosed with celiac disease, and from that day wasn’t able to enjoy bread, cakes and many other meals that I could enjoy. From that day I made it my priority to help him enjoy life as much as he could despite being gluten intolerant.

My dad didn’t really use the internet until recently, and so I was the one who found him blogs, communities and ideas online designed for the gluten-free diet. was one of these and it’s been such a great help.

Fast forward a few years, I’m 23 and just quit my job to try to make a living from building iPhone apps.

One of the first apps I designed and made was a gluten-free recipe app for my dad, to thank him for his support in quitting my job and chasing my dreams. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s in your food? Find out with the isitinit Food Angel

This looks nifty. Food Contents and Allergies Ltd have launched the isitinit Food Angel (terrible name!) which makes it a whole lot easier to shop if you have allergies or intolerances, simply by using your mobile phone.

SmartphoneHow does it work? Go to the isitinit website. Register your intolerances and allergies and download the app. Then using the camera on your smart phone scan the product’s bar code and in seconds get all the ingredient information you need.

Haven’t got a smartphone? No problem. Shoppers can still use the service by manually entering the product’s barcode into their mobile phone and sending a text. The system will again respond in seconds.

MobileThe isitinit Food Angel is only for use in Sainsbury’s at the moment. Try it out for free for seven days. And if you like it you can sign up for a year’s subscription which costs £10 for smartphones or £20 for the text messaging service.

Sign up at the isitinit website. And let us know how you get on with it in the comments.

glutenScan™ iPhone app

visit the glutenScan™ iPhone app websiteFollowing on from our review of gluten free iPhone apps available in the UK iTunes store I found this iPhone app that’s available to US users.

glutenScan™ provides information on over 30,00 products and has a database of over 10,00 manufacturers. That’s pretty impressive! And with over 500 products added or updated each week this looks like an extremely valuable iPhone addition for anyone following a gluten free lifestyle.

glutenScan™ is currently offered at an intial discounted rate of $1.99 for 30 days of use. Continue as necessary by extending your subscription for $1.99 for another 30 days, or $3.99 for 90 additional days. This may sound pricier than many iPhone apps but with a wealth of information on gluten free products at your fingertips one could argue it’s a real bargain!

Take a look at the glutenScan™ website for further features and up to date information.

Being in the UK I am unable to formally review this app. It looks great! Have you used it? Let us know what you think.

Gluten Free iPhone apps

iPhone apps – don’t you just love ’em. Well as you might expect there are quite a few iPhone apps out there for gluten free living.

Below are a few gluten free iPhone apps that stood out for me. I haven’t included any recipe apps as there are so many gluten free recipes on the web already. The apps I have listed are ones that offer something a little different. These apps are available on the UK iTunes store. Some will be available on other iTunes stores I’m sure.

  • Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from (Free) – This little app provides information for restaurant staff about the restrictions for those on a gluten free diet. Not that impressive you might say. But this app offers this information in over 40 languages, making it far easier for you to dine out when abroad. The website provides printable versions of the cards so they can be taken right into the kitchen, so avoiding possible corruption of your message on the way to the kitchen.
  • CeliacFeed (Free) – This app is provided by It helps people with celiac disease find gluten free products and restaurants in their city. Users can share their recommendations directly from their iPhone and the app uses the iPhone’s GPS to locate restaurants near you. The app is very limited at the moment but I like the idea. All it needs is more users to download it and start recommending their favourite places for it to become a really useful addition to the global gluten free community.
  • GlutenFreeNYC (£1.79) – Gluten free in NYC? Then this app is for you. Over a dozen restaurants with gluten free menus and over 40 restaurants that accommodate gluten free requests. Plus you can browse through different types of cuisine and meal types to discover their suitability. Not very useful you might think. Unless of course you’re in New York City. But visit the website and vote on where you want the app to focus on next. You never know. It might be your city!

Take a look at all the ‘gluten free’ iPhone apps available on the iTunes store. Let’s hope some more start appearing soon!