Heaven in a Box: Gluten Free Brownies from Borough 22 Bakehouse

My love of a chocolate brownies is well known. So when we received an email from the lovely Ryan at Borough 22 Bakehouse, telling us he reckoned he had the best gluten free brownies in London, well, we just had to try them out!

Borough 22 Bakehouse specialises in making baked goods without allergens. So all their products can be dairy, egg, gluten, wheat and soya free, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ryan’s business came about in a bid to make a treat for his multi-allergen wife (sorry ladies) and dairy intolerant kids that didn’t involve every pot pan and mixing bowl in the house. And his treats were all so amazing the business took off. And some. Now Ryan can be found hand delivering gorgeous boxes of gluten free goodies all over London.

gluten free brownies and doughnuts

Borough 22 Bakehouse gluten free goodies

Which is how I came to meet him outside a train station a few weeks ago to be handed a box of gluten free brownies, AND some cinnamon doughnuts, which I have to confess I tucked into on the way back to the office. And, oh my gosh, they are delicious. Light, sugary, cinnamon-y and perfect for dunking into a hot chocolate New York stylee.

As for the brownies. Ryan was right. These are definitely up there as the best gluten free brownies in London. They’re certainly in my top two. Crumbly on the outside, silky and creamy on the inside, these are a little slice of heaven. Ingredients include unsalted butter, 70% cacao solid single origin chocolate (Willie’s Cacao or The Grenada Chocolate Company), sugar, Dove’s gluten free flour, organic eggs and love. And it shows.

gluten free doughnuts

Borough 22 Bakehouse doughnuts and coffee

You can order a tray of brownies or a dozen of cupcakes or doughnuts for £22 plus delivery. We think these are the perfect pressie for a friend or gift for a client.

Find out more on the website. Or follow Ryan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for info on all the latest goodies.

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3 Responses to “Heaven in a Box: Gluten Free Brownies from Borough 22 Bakehouse”

  1. Ryan @ Borough 22 Bakehouse: 12th March 2015 at 1:55pm

    Thanks so much Gluten Free Girl! It was our pleasure!

  2. Deb Mortlock: 11th April 2015 at 2:06pm

    Do you deliver to hertfordshire stevenage as in coeliac wheat gluten free i would be very interested in choc brownies and doughnuts look gorward to hear from you and if so how much would it cost pls thank you

  3. Gluten Free Guy: 11th April 2015 at 8:34pm

    Hi Deb, you’ll need to contact Borough 22 directly. Their contact details can be found on their website which is at http://borough22.tumblr.com.

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